Jerry Williams at Camden Assembly

It has to be said that we at Demur are big fans of indie pop singer-songwriter, Jerry Williams and therefore every opportunity we get to see her play is a pure delight. This time she was joined by Flowvers and Wild Front; already the makings of a very good night.

Flowvers, the 4-piece indie/dream pop outfit kicked off the night with their jangly guitars and sheer magnetism. It is not often you will see an entire room packed out for the first support, but everyone there could hear the sheer talent that radiated from these talented young boys. If you’re looking for the next successful indie band, look no further, these boys have everything it takes plus bags of star quality.

Following Flowvers was the equally exuberant Wild Front; a fitting name for a band with so many influencers to their music, they appear to have created an undefinable sound. Rolling from groovy indie and 80’s influence, there was suddenly a twang of folk, jazz or whatever else these talented boys fancied; And frankly, it worked fantastically for them. Smashing their set, they definitely played to their best, and did it like a duck takes to water – most certainly guaranteeing themselves on to our ‘One’s to watch’ list.

Finally, it was Jerry. She bounced onto stage bubbling to the brim with excitement and charisma as only Jerry can. This time accompanied by a full band and playing previously unheard tracks. As she moved through her set list, she chatted and giggled and showcased just how truly talented she is. Not only did her new set provide an insight into what is to come from her, but it also filled the room with ecstatic energy that pulsated through the crowd. Once again, Jerry proved herself to be a fantastic musician, all around sweetheart and gave her audience a night they very clearly enjoyed.

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