JP Reynolds – The Truth And Nothing But The Truth

JP Reynolds is an honest artist who speaks the raw truth in his lyrics and one hard working man. Whilst JP is not sitting down writing bars for his next ethereal eclectic rap gumbo track, JP can be seen hard at work plotting and calculating the next moves for his global mission, ‘Peace and Power’ an artistic hub that produces music, visual and written content. JP is an advocate for society. We were intrigued to hear more of what JP had to say.

Tell us about your venture ‘Peace and Power’, what is the vision for this project?

Peace and Power is a planet. This vision is to create spaces and experiences (through dope music and art) for people to encounter the divine, to know themselves more truly, to feel beauty, to express joy, to seek justice, to see the light in a darkened world. So, as an artist, I create to that end. As an MC and as a performer I seek to be a vessel for my creator. I’ve got a really dope team around me. And I’ve been able to build The Peace and Power Band, which is a super guavalicious crew of musicians committed to the vision. And then there’s the vision of Peace and Power Media, which is to continue developing into an artistic hub empowering budding creatives to build a sustainable and scalable platform for their craft.

‘Dreamcatcher’ is a deeply personal song for you. How easy was it for you to bear your feelings on to a song?

Yea, deeply personal. I wouldn’t say it’s a matter of ease, I’d say it’s a matter of addressing a thing I just gotta express. I think it’d actually be harder NOT to write about something I feel so deeply and pervasively. If something is always on my mind or on my heart, then it’s bound to find itself in my lyrics somewhere. My feelings often come out on songs. When it comes to cathartic expression and release, family is important, faith is important, community is important, therapy is important, but my creative process still holds a unique and singular significance.

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