Kerry Bannigan, opening doors for designers with Nolcha Shows.

The Nolcha Shows will take place at Artbeam Studios on February 13th, with the Nolcha Fashion Media Lounge on February 15th at Bryant Park Hotel. Each fashion week season, Nolcha give independent designers a platform to showcase their designs to an audience of buyers, press, celebrities and influencers. We sit down with Nolcha Founder, Kerry Bannigan to talk about Nolcha designers and the festivities after Nolcha.

What have you got in store for us this season?

We have some new and returning designers. Our “Ones To Watch” show will feature a range of emerging brands including: Son Collection, Mariana Valentina, Just In Case, Chèlbè, Stevenson University, ACID NYC, Samantha Leibowitz and newcomer Lavanya Coodly who will participate in the main runway show. The closing show will be a solo presentation by Prom Girl Prom Guy, a brand dedicated to bringing special occasion fashions for teens to a new level of choice and sophistication.

I am also very excited about The Nolcha Fashion Media Lounge which will take place at Bryant Park Hotel on February 15th from 12pm-4pm. The Fashion Media Lounge will present collections from 6 independent accessories brands ranging from scarves to jewellery and handbags to shoes. The designers on show will be James Carletons, EL VOYAGE, CoFi Leathers, Wren & Roch, Blackbird Dillinger, Gena Myint and Andraab.

You’ve been running for a few seasons now. Have you been able to measure the impact you have made in the fashion industry i.e the opportunities for your designers as a result of showing at Nolcha Shows?

There are a variety of ways that we view the success of brands showcasing at the Nolcha Show; and each has differing and varying parameters dependent on the designer’s goals and needs. For example designers, will do traditional retail placement while others collaborate in pop up shops internationally with government bodies. Designers are approached for various runway shows nationwide due to being discovered in media coverage we have secured for the brand or additional media features. It is difficult to measure the exact impact as each client is different but I feel very proud to be able to provide a launching pad for independent fashion designers during New York Fashion Week, as well as a cost effective showcasing option for existing brands.

You must have a busy schedule running around with your team getting the show ready. What are some of the items you carry around with you that make your job slightly easier?

My must haves include:

Ø  Blackberry – so in love with this and dread the day I may have to ever give this up. The email, messaging and work function abilities are so fast and perfect for my show planning needs

Ø  Red note pad and pen – I am old school and still take paper notes in meetings and planning

Ø  Red lipstick, and touche eclat – I can conquer any meetings, early mornings and media interviews with these two items

Ø  Tea – a cup of tea in hand keeps me refreshed, energized and hydrated

Ø  Tape measure – an event planners best friend ;o)

You are one of ours (British born and bred), are there any plans to bring Nolcha home to the UK?

I get asked this often and while we have done collaborations in the UK we are very focused on the New York market. I am always open to UK expansion options but do find the majority of our clients want to showcase and build business in the USA and Asia.

How will you be celebrating after the show is over?

Tradition will first be with the team over a good relaxed meal, as life is very hectic leading up to the shows and meals are the first thing that are sacrificed. Then lots of family time as my time is limited during the season; there is nothing better than unwinding with family and seeing the post show results – images, media features, designers’ collection placement for example.

Demur Magazine is a proud media sponsor of The Nolcha Shows Fashion Media Lounge at the Bryant Park Hotel.