Liza Owen, The Pop Star We So Need Right Now

Liza Owen looked every bit the pop star as she came on stage to perform her first headline show in London. Wearing a show-stopping suit reminiscent of the abundant disco balls hanging from the roof, she wasted no time diving straight into her first song. She seemed somewhat timid at first with a sweet demeanour, happy to just be there performing for what felt mostly like friends and family, which is not something to be scoffed at as it made for an intimate and rather endearing show. What followed can only be likened to a kitten with a lion’s roar as she introduced each song bashfully and proceeded to belt it out with poise, much to the audience’s delight. Liza’s voice is strong and soulful with the slightest hint of Aguilera at times and the spunk and fantastic style to match it.

Photo by Harley Madams

She treated the audience to new material, with “Room Full of Boxes” being one of the more resonating ballads due to her undeniably powerful but smooth vocals – It felt as if she were pouring her heart out to the room, revealing an all too familiar vulnerability following the deterioration of a cherished relationship. She closed the show with her latest single “Polite” which made for more of a muted ending as it lacked the same degree of passion that she had shown only minutes before. A passion that I wanted to experience more of rather than being hit with another lacklustre pop song churned out by generic singers, of which she is not one of them. Whilst that was my only qualm with the entire performance, the rest could not be faulted. Liza holds an affable stage presence with a character you cannot help but hold affection for.

Having toured with Jonas Blue, performing at the likes of V Festival and already working with talents such as Diddy, Cedric Gervais and Steve Mac, it will be interesting to see where she goes from here. Her latest material was certainly where she shined her brightest and will be something I look forward to hearing more of upon the release of her first album. Liza is certainly one to watch and could be just the kind of pop star we need right now.

Photo by Harley Madams

By Yasmin Cowan 

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