London Fashion Week Men’s Review – SONGZIO and wearable art

This season, Internationally acclaimed South Korean designer, SONGZIO (Zio Song) stepped away from his usual platforms at Paris and Seoul fashion weeks to bring us his second UK showcase. SONGZIO’s AW17 collection stems from the season’s original paintings, painted by the designer himself. Appropriately named “Misanthrope”, this collection tells the story of a young man walking the cold yet serene streets on an eerie morning of an unknown city.

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Untamed by the margins of art and fashion SONGZIO reworks his signature “Paint On Black” concept into the collection. The SONGZIO brand is vastly inducing the idea of wearable art.  From cold sharply tailored suits to romantic volumes, every season is another delicately curated exposition.

This collection is dramatic and bold yet balanced with delicate artworks, depicted through dark armour like outerwear and juxtaposed with light sensual, delicate art prints underneath. Dense knitwear from capes to voluminous bomber jackets in hues of brown and black are complimented by the warm touch of mustang patchwork. Art prints find themselves in both the inner wears as well as on leather jackets, bombers and in the linings of tailored jackets.

London Fashion Week Men’s Review – MCCVIII (TWELVE-O-EIGHT) by & Carl Gilliam