Mia Seabrook Grills Ea Kaya On Her Top Danish Tunes

With Spotify it has become so easy to see exactly where an artist draws their inspiration; one touch of a button and you can see all of their related artists and no more questions need be asked. Given this, we thought we would ask Ea Kaya, the insanely cool 22-year-old emerging Artist from Denmark, what some of her favourite tunes are, but not any old selection, her favourite Danish Tunes.

Here are 5 Danish songs, in no particular order, that Ea Kaya thinks everyone should be loving just as much as she does. So go on, give them a listen and let’s see if you agree?

Communions ‘Forget It’s a Dream’

CHINAH ‘We Go Back’

Lust For Youth ‘New Boys’

Liss ‘Miles Apart’

MØ ‘Waste of Time’

Regardless of what you think of these, we know that you will absolutely love Kaya’s new Video for her tune ‘Remedy’, which we’ve had on repeat since we heard it.

EA KAYA ‘Remedy’

P.S. if you’re feeling this, then keep your ear to the ground on Ea Kaya, because while we can’t reveal any secrets, we can say there are exciting things to come from this new star.

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