Mia sits down on the ‘Midnight Train’ with Heathers

Who doesn’t love a good ol girl band? Who doesn’t love alt-pop? Who hasn’t heard of a super talented, dynamic, punchy twin sister double act that goes by the name, Heathers? If your answer is “Me, I haven’t heard of them”, then you are missing out and were about to change all of that for you. Meet Ellie and Louise McNamara the doubly talented duo act from Dublin. After the incredible success of their second album ‘Kingdom’ with lead track ‘Forget” becoming a cult favourite in the USA, Canada and Germany, the girls have come back to sky rocket their already rapid ascent to stardom with their latest single, ‘Midnight train”.

 With all this in mind, I couldn’t fan girl them, so I spoke to them about what it’s like to work with your twin sister, and honestly, I’m a bit jealous now. 

What is it like to work together as sisters?

Louise- It has its positives and negatives…mostly positives. When we’re touring, it’s nice to have someone from your family there. Ellie and I know each other inside-out. If I’m having a bad day, Ellie is there for me and vice versa. We’re also not afraid to be completely honest with one another, so that comes handy with writing and recording. On the other hand, as twins, it’s important to have our own independence and space. We’re in each other’s pockets most of the time, so when we’re not touring, we make an effort to have time apart from one another. I can imagine it would be similar for any siblings working together.

 Are you ever able to switch off?

Ellie- It can be difficult at times to switch off as Heathers is such a massive part of our lives, we’re always thinking about it.

Louise – Definitely. I love nothing more than to go for a long stroll in the forest or countryside to relax and switch off from the music. I think it’s really important to be able to do that in this busy world that we live in today.

Was this always the childhood dream? 

Louise –  Yes! That and to be an Archeologist, the next Indiana Jones.

Ellie – When we were young we dreamed of being in a band, performing and touring but it always seemed like a bit of a pipe dream. We started going to punk gigs when we were teenagers and our circle of friends were comprised mainly of musicians… I think this is when we realised that playing music was something we could do. I don’t think we ever realised that we would get to do all of the amazing things we have had the opportunity to do!

Who first suggested the band? 

Louise – I can’t quite remember. We grew up going to DIY punk gigs. Our brother was in various bands and we grew up listening to a lot of music, singing and playing piano…it came together quite naturally.

Ellie – I think it was ultimately a joint decision but Louise was the first one to pick up the guitar and start messing around with melodies, she then brought ideas to me and we went from there.

Who’s each of your musical heroes? 

Ellie – I’m divided between Bruce Springsteen and Beyoncé.

Louise – I’m going to say Paul Simon. We grew up listening to Graceland on repeat. I know that record back to front.  He’s an incredible songwriter and lyricist and had definitely influenced us from the beginning.

 What are your plans for Heathers in the coming year?

Louise – World Domination!!! ha! I would love to be writing and releasing music with Heathers well into my 80’s. More touring, More music. We have just released our new single, ‘Midnight Train’, so we’re going to be busy promoting that over the coming months. We’re continuously writing new tunes and will be working towards a new album over the next year.

Clearly, Heathers have it all, from ‘World domination!!!’ to becoming the ‘the next Indiana Jones’ you really don’t want to let them out of your sight. We definitely think they’re one of the ones to watch over the coming year. Midnight Train’ is out now and available to stream and download from all your favorite streaming services.

by Mia Seabrook