Michael Jablonka – The Guitarist The UK Has Been Waiting For

Michael Jablonka tours the world with Michael Kiwanuka’s as his chosen guitarist but when he is not doing that, he can be found perfecting his craft as a solo bluesy alt-funk and soulful indie-rock artist.  In the pursuit to carve out his solo career, Jablonka is very much in demand having worked with artists such as Charlie Brown, Stooshe, Shakka and Delta Maid. It is no surprise that Jablonka is being revered as the guitarist that the UK has been missing, the guy has been gigging since he was 14 as a guitarist for hire, so he has bags of experience behind him.

You’ve been gigging as a guitarist since you were fourteen, how do you make sure you don’t get bored of it all?

To be honest the times I’m bored most is when I’m not playing.

How do you balance playing for other people and gigging by yourself?

I don’t play for as many people as I used to anymore, I find it quite difficult to get back into my own mindset if I take too much on.

Image by Jodie Canwell

What do you feel is lacking in the music industry for artists to progress?

I think the industry could do with being more open-minded to the broader scope of music out there. It’s getting more difficult to find something different and interesting to listen to.

What do you think can be done about it?

I’m not sure there’s much that can be done about it. I think acts that want to keep their creative integrity have to focus on their craft and build a community, fan base and keep playing live.

How can we stay connected to the man that is Michael Jablonka?

I’m on  Facebook, Twitter  and Instagram or alternatively come join us at a gig 😉

‘Peacefully’ and ‘I Found You’ form Jablonka’s debut double-A, released by Lost In The Manor Records.