Model 86 Gets Personal I Was Depressed And Anxious For Most Of My 20s Until I Came Off My Tablets

MODEL 86 drops his three track EP ‘I Was Depressed And Anxious For Most Of My 20s Until I Came Off My Tablets’ on 27th April. Real name Matthew Wilcock, chose the pseudonym ‘MODEL 86’ due to its androgyny and like the name, his music is a fluid, shape-shifting sound which stretches its appeal to fans of numerous genres. His diverse back catalogue of self-released material highlights Wilcock’s rich depth of influences from artists Nils Frahm to Jamie xx to Jai Paul. The EP is a new sound for MODEL 86 whose sound is ever evolving with each new release.

The title of your latest EP ‘I Was Depressed And Anxious For Most Of My 20s Until I Came Off My Tablets’ is quite thought-provoking. Is this based on a personal experience?
No, it’s based on a novella I’m writing under an alias, a producer has just bought the rights to make a three-part short film of it too.
How did the collaboration with Rayon Nelson come about and why did you feel he was the right person to provide the vocals on ‘FAMOUS’?
I met him online and I liked his voice so we decided to do a session. We dated for 16 months and broke up because he cheated on me with James Blake’s cousin (LOL)… I played him a bunch of beats and I’d just worked on the instrument to FAMOUS the day before and we both vibe of that and it went from there.
What are you hoping people will take away from your EP?
Vibes. Wavy, vibes. I’m not sure, anything, something. Play it loud in a room and feel it.
Your sound is constantly changing with each new release, from hip-hop, electronic to dance. How do you find it so easy to switch up your style and how do you know people are going to like it?
I don’t really think about it and it stresses me out sometimes. I’m just trying to make stuff I like and that’s tricky when you don’t feel loyal to a genre, I am looking for it. I love some future bass/future RnB stuff, love experiment electronic stuff, love some alternative dance stuff.
Why did you decide to release your EP as a trilogy rather than hitting us with all of it at once?
Gave me a chance to work on other stuff to release shortly after so there’s a steady stream and instead BAHM he’s 15 tracks, disappear for a 18 months, where’d he go to shit
You’re also releasing a trilogy music video series to go alongside the release directed by Ely Dagher. How did your relationship with Ely begin? 

I scored his Palme D’or winning short film, we met then have been friends since he’s very talented and interesting. His short Waves ’98 is beautiful and he’s currently working on his first feature film. He also did the Self Help Dance teaser.

What’s the concept behind the videos? 
Vanity, identity, forests, doubt. It’s basically a short film split into three over the three tracks. Ely had the idea of a woman struggling with her identity and where that takes her metaphorically. It’s a little surreal, vibey and off kilter. She meets various different versions of herself and struggles with them, loves them and eats with them.
Do you have a favourite video in the series? 
The last / third one I think.
If you had to describe the EP with one word, what would it be?
September (I think I wrote a lot of it in September?)

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