Modern Me In 4 Minutes

We recently came across Modern Me an indie band from California who describe their music as ‘bipolar melodies’ and our first reaction was ‘WOW!’. If you haven’t already heard their latest single ‘Dead To Me’ I definitely recommend you search for them right now. If you fall in love with the band as much as we have, we are pretty sure you are going to be itching to know more about these San-Diego based lads. With this in mind, we spoke to Adam Lamah, Lead Vocalist of the band, to give us an insight into his experiences and love for music.

We all know how music moves us and makes us feel a certain way. However, not many of us are us are moved enough to take it up as a vocation. We asked Adam about the motivation that sparked him to get into music because we feel this is the first question that everyone asks themselves when they first listen to a band. ‘Music is magic. I heard it, I felt it, and then I had to control it somehow. My Father bought me a drum set one Christmas and the journey began’, Adam explained. Of course, Adam had no idea at the time that he would be part of a band that would have their debut single receive heavy airplay all over the radio.

Once you have been through Modern Me’s Soundcloud you will be wanting more. ‘We’ve been working on some songs about nostalgia and the matrix. Keep your eyes peeled for a release this summer,’ Adam assured us. Hopefully, that means we’ll be getting even more…

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