Mylo is coming to the Demur Pop Up Party!

Mylo is a young singer from London who will be performing at the Demur Pop Up Party.

What are you looking forward to at the pop-up?

The opportunity to perform and be surrounded by like-minded creatives for one night. It is an experience within itself that I’ll ensure that I make the most of – as this is my first time ever performing to an audience.

Best party you have been to?

To be honest with you, I don’t really go to parties, I usually gravitate towards music events such as pop-ups, concerts, gigs and festivals. The best festival that I’ve ever been to, which I would consider as an extended party, was Boomtown Fair. However, if we’re talking pop-up parties, Nights Like This, hosted by the Brixton Pound Cafe, has been my favourite so far. I am an avid Soundcloud listener so Society of Alumni’s takeover party at the Brixton Pound Cafe catered to my needs. I would consider this to be one of the best as I got to meet emerging artists that I aspire to be like and network with people and platforms such as Demur Magazine.

How are you going to blow us away with your performance?

The mellow vocals and the 90’s vibe will have you reminiscing over past memories you never even had. The influence of 90’s R&B/Hip Pop, incorporated with the present-day LoFi vibes has developed into what is known as my sound, a melancholic spark of happiness.