Need Supply Co. go for an obvious everyday market

Need Supply Co. do exactly what it says on the tin, you need, they supply and their new denim collection is no different. It’s an obvious everyday wear and you don’t hear too many people saying, “Damn I have too many jeans”.

Need Supply Co. have had a great success being one of the go to stores housing independent and contemporary designers serving us cool, modern and affordable fashion. The new denim collection is aptly named Need 1966, perhaps as an ode to their humble beginnings in 1996 when Need Supply Co. was set up as a small denim shop in Virginia.

Forget your ripped, high waisted, washed out jeans. Need Supply Co. have opted to keep out of current trends and have gone with the simple bright blue denim material with a simple straight-leg style, echoing a nostalgic 90’s vibe. Co-Owner of Need Supply Co. Gabriel Ricioppo told Vogue “Fashion and technology have to be two of the fastest-changing industries right now, and to do those together means you’re basically never sitting still. You have to always be looking for the next thing and thinking about the future.”

 The collection includes denim jackets which are priced at $195 (£160) and the jeans are going for $185 (£150). You can shop the collection from