New Music – Demur Decks 11.12.2017 by Mia Seabrook

Ariana and The Rose – For Your Love

Filling the void in powerful synthpop is Ariana and The Rose. With an unmistakable falsetto, Ariana instantly makes ‘For Your Love’ punchy; with a combination of a strong electro-pop production, the track is unforgettable. Ariana has an aesthetic and character that is clearly displayed on this track, and we love it.

Violetta Zironi – Toast

Simply singing of ‘Toast’, Violetta opens us up to her world, emotions and beautifully melodic voice. This song is about being absent from any relationship and the fear of putting yourself out there which could be sung in a much more somber tone. However, Violetta’s folk/Americana routes allow the song to be light and almost sickly sweet in its fairytale sound.

HAIM – Walking Away (Mura Masa remix)

Personally, anything that Mura Masa gets his hands on I think is genius, and this is no different. Taking HAIM’s Walking Away’ he has made it his own with high seethe strings and effortlessly perfect production to make it classical Mura Masa; the addition of warbling bass and altered vocals make it perfect for a run or the club.

Riton – Deeper (Danny Howard Remix)

Creating a tech house sound by looping over the original track with brooding loops, Danny has surpassed himself. Following the recent release of his brand new 2-part EP, it has been a good few weeks for Danny Howard and this remix is another addition to his well-curated success.

Moderate Rebels – I’m Feeling The Deep State

This is their most pop offering yet, and its genius. Floating on a twelve-string jingle and whirling choral harmonies, ‘I’m Feeling The Deep State’ has its own specified mission of “trying in its own way to look past the surface, of life and the world, both inside and outside at the same time”. Its lingering vocals will stay with you much after the track ends and we think that’s brilliant.

Dua Lipa – Live Acoustic Ep; Tears Dry On Their Own (ft. Gallant)

Covering the classic Amy Winehouse song is a difficult challenge for even the most talented of artists, however, Dua Lipa manages it spectacularly here. Utilising the ability to create a bassier sound in her raw voice, this cover is stripped back, simple and stylized to keep the original magic of the song, however, most certainly re-vamping it for Dua Lipa’s style.

Bassboy – Bassline collective Vol.2

Back with the ‘wub’s’! In 2017 the UK bass scene exploded with a Bassline revival, after garnering success in underground dance circuits, mostly coming from the north of England, Bassline is currently in full swing with festival line-ups across the country filling up with new-age legends of heavy dance music – the clubbing scene has arguably never been this exciting.

A main culprit of this bass-heavy genre’s rise in popularity is Birmingham’s own Bassboy, brewing his own filthy concoction of UKG, with a large dose of dirty soul-shaking bass rumbles, a pinch of ethereal vocal hooks, topped with a light drizzle of creamy mid 2000’s garage synths, tickling your spine and blowing your head clean off your shoulders all at once. ‘Baseline Collection Volume 2’ is yet another reminder of the Brummy lad’s staying power, with a palette of stonking bass bangers which, as these tunes span 10 years’ worth of work from the guy, have unsurprisingly been dropped left, right, and centre by big players in the Bassline scene across the country like a group of clumsy pigeon feeders on a mad one in Trafalgar Square, with a sack full of melt-your-face-off bass textures instead of mostly used loafs of Kingsmill. 10 undeniable blasts of pure baseline gold, ‘Baseline Collection Volume 2’ has it all (I mean, if you like bassline/ heavy dance music), with a personal highlight being ‘Wompt Fear Three’, a particularly grotty squelch-funk nasty low-end wobble. Plenty of bass for your boots, get it down ya.

Whenyoung – Actor

The gang have just released the video for their debut single and have also been confirmed to perform at punk band the Pogue’s Shane MacGowan’s 60th birthday party. The visuals to ‘Actor’ were directed by French Director Gwenaelle Trannoy. In the video, we see the gang each walk into an empty space and pick up their respective instruments and play throughout the song with Aoife Power providing the vocals and the group’s drummer Andrew Flood dancing around.

by Mia Seabrook