New Music – Demur Decks 27.11.17 by Mia Seabrook

Butterjack – Good Girls

Rhythmic, melodic and seriously catchy, Butterjack is back with a new single ‘Good Girls’ and its brilliant. With an electronic beat similar to flume that almost lets you float away and ethereal chanting vocals, this will most definitely be added to your gym playlists or just your everyday ‘let’s kick ass playlist’.

Dan Crossley – Rome

Having burst onto the scene last year, the 21 year-old Dan Crossley has come back with this new single and we love it. ‘Rome” features pulsating rhythms and Dan’s enchanting vocals. Coming straight back with another beautifully balanced pop single, we can’t wait to see what comes next from this talented artist.

Luca – Wales

This is the first we’ve heard of Luca’s debut work and I personally cannot wait to hear more. This outstandingly created falsetto masterpiece mused over inciting acoustics is something you don’t want to miss out on. It’s misty, melancholic and marvellous.

Whinnie Williams – What About Me

‘What about me’ exudes class in a state of luxury. Its beautifully smooth harmonies and ‘silken pop sounds’ are perfectly balanced, and the outcome is magical. Williams has a beautiful voice that is showcased perfectly in this single, promising next year to be a bright one for her.

Sonny– Yesterdays Gone

After having a ridiculously successful year including the release of his debut EP ‘Hopeless Romance’ and supporting Gabrielle Aplin on her latest UK tour, it is no surprise to us that Sonny has come back with another brilliant single. With stretched melodic vocals and a charmingly understated backing, ‘Yesterdays Gone’ is already quickly being recognised by many for its brilliance.

EDEN – Gold

EDEN is showing ridiculous talent that seems to be unstoppable with this latest single. Having been fan-girled by Lorde herself, it’s safe to say that this talented young vocalist and producer is sure to skyrocket over the next few years. ‘Gold’ has a pop feel with overtones of electronic twangs and beautifully crisp vocals.

Anna Leone – I Never Really

Emerging Swedish artist Anna Leone sings with raw and honest emotion that is silently refreshing to hear. Singing over a delicate piano-led track, you have no choice but to listen to her lyrics that sing of the confusion in both life and love. ‘I Never Really’ elegantly expresses emotion and uncertainty that comes with youth and growing up.

Poppy Ajudha – Tepid Soul

This track is a well-crafted blend of R&B and soul with vocals that are reminiscent of Amy Winehouse. This song is however much deeper than its musical base as Ajudha sings of the fragmented identity that is caused by the notion of not fitting in with dual heritage and colourism. This song is a powerful expression of Ajudha’s own struggles and it proves just how talented this 22-year-old is.