Nonso Amadi An Afrobeats Star Going Global

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the multi-talented Afrobeats and R&B artist Nonso Amadi who has gained massive success and managed to collaborate with industry heavyweights such as Banky W, Maleek Berry and Juls within the first year of his professional career. Last year he closed off his big year by performing at the ISY Festival in China. With the latest release of his latest single ‘No Crime’ with styling by London’s fashion stylist Naysap, Nonso has officially won us over.

What was it like to perform at the ISY Festival in China last year?

It was a very good experience. The Asian people are still getting introduced to African music, so it was a huge pleasure to be part of the first artists who gave them an idea of the sound. It wasn’t a huge crowd at the Afrobeats stage for ISY stage but the people who came through clearly had a good time.

How difficult is it for an Afro-beats star to make it out of Canada? Do you think it would be any different if you were based in Nigeria?

I think it’s a little tougher for an artist to try and pop in a different country than where they are residing mainly due to the accessibility factor. The people in that area of interest have to feel your presence a lot .i.e. Radio interviews, TV, shows etc. That’s the bit that poses a bit of a challenge for me in that I do not live in Africa.

You have achieved quite a lot in your career already collaborating with big-name artists and being booked to perform all around the world. What is the one thing that has kept you going through and gave you hope that all of this was going to work out?

I believe in God and I know he’s set me up for great things. Most of the stuff happening is not in my control, so I know there has to a greater force making it all happen. I choose to align myself with that force (God) and that’s why I have hope that everything will work in my favour.

What do you think you need to do as an artist to stay relevant and enjoy longevity in the game?

Consistency and having unique style is key. It’s good to be aware and try out new trends but you should have that sound that people recognise you for any time.

Most of your songs seem personal. How comfortable are you divulging personal experiences in your music?

At the start, it was a very unsettling experience for me to share my songs with people and receive feedback on personal things, but these days I’ve learnt how to disconnect myself from the music as much as is required after making it. I learnt over time that this is a necessary thing that all the greats have had to learn one way or the other.

You’ve got a master’s degree in engineering. Is that something that you hope to get back into one day?

Well, I definitely believe I can implement my knowledge in Engineering someday, preferably in Nigeria. I might set up a consultancy or something, but don’t quote me on this. It’s not something I’ve given great thought towards.

What can we expect on your upcoming project that you are working on?

I’m trying to create a well-rounded project but still stay consistent with my sound. I have a few features here and there but generally, I want to take a more relaxed/therapeutic approach to afro- music instead of the regular commercial stuff. So, do look out for that coming soon.

‘No Crime’ is available to stream now.

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