Ocean Generation’s ‘Beyond a Click’ YouTube Night

On Wednesday night a group of like-minded people gathered at the very swanky YouTube space in St. Pancreas for ‘Beyond a Click’. ‘Beyond a Click’ was a night to support and raise awareness of the new UN charity project ‘Ocean Generation’ which is a “global collective bringing the ocean and its importance to the most connected generation in history”.

‘Beyond a Click’ brought together the issues our planet is facing right now, together with musicians aiming to “create discussion, connect people and change the planet”.


There were guest speakers who have experienced the impacts of hurricanes Maria, Irma and Harvey across the Caribbean islands. Hearing of the devastating effects these natural disasters have had both emotionally and physically gave a somewhat eye-opening reality shock to those of us who have not felt the implications.

However, with musicians such as Marlon Roudette, Loop and Demur alumni Dom McAllister, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Roudette, who has family in the Caribbean, spoke personally on the effects that the concurrent natural disasters are having on the islands before beginning his set. Whilst obviously upsetting to hear, no one in the live studio audience could help but dance along as he played ‘When The Beat Drops Out’.

Both Loop and McAllister smashed their sets! With both of them causing such a stir in the industry right now, they were definitely top picks by the ‘Beyond a Click’ team; no doubt fans will have been tuning into the live stream (which is still available to watch) to see the intimate gig.

Matthew Shibman AKA ‘Science in the Bath’ also spoke to us on what is really happening to our environment using science that even I could understand to demonstrate just how crucial ‘Ocean Generation’s’ aim and action really is.

As well as highlighting the problems the next generation have to tackle, ‘Beyond a Click’ was a night providing much, much more. Over the night we and everyone watching were urged to donate to the Barbuda Relief fund to help stabilise those affected and support them as they try to rebuild their lives and what was lost as a result of these devastating hurricanes.

For more information visit http://oceangeneration.org/ to support this project and the relief fund and help become part of the solution, not the problem.

   Images by Samuel Ridge 

Article by Mia Seabrook