OMZ Trapstar Is Never Boring and Here Is Why

Maintaining a steady buzz around his name Omz Trapstar is a one to watch. OMZ has already collaborated with heavyweights including the likes of Skepta, Blade Brown, Krept and Youngs Teflon.  His latest venture is the release of his music video for ‘Never Boring’. We wanted to find out why that testament is true of Omz’s life and his thoughts violence and grime music and what a night at an Omz gig would look like.

You are aware of the reports about grime/trap music contributing to the rate of gun and knife violence. What are your thoughts on that and do you feel you have a responsibility as an artist to promote a more positive message and how a listener receives your music?

I feel as artists we all have a certain responsibility to promote a more positive outlook on life but at the same time artist cannot be blamed for simply speaking on their reality.

Let’s talk mumble rap. With independent artists having more access and resources to release their music, would you say the industry has become oversaturated with music that isn’t of good quality?

Quality of music is really good as a whole but I feel like a lot of people are getting away with making the same songs over and over or they all follow the same formula and every song is a banger apparently.

Your lyrics are influenced by your environment and in your latest video ‘Never Boring’ it looks like you are living ‘the life’. How much of your life has actually changed since your success?

I wouldn’t say I’m living ‘da life’ as such but I’m deffo one for enjoying the moment travelling the world experiencing new things meeting new people, life is for living and I want to live it to the fullest.

When it’s all said and done what would you like to be remembered for as an artist?

I’d like to be remembered as someone who just did their own thing and made very good music.

What does a night at an Omz Trapstar gig look like?

I haven’t had a gig yet but I’d like to think it would be a night you wouldn’t soon forget, lots of energy, fun, excitement and good music.

What can we expect from your upcoming EP?

Without saying too much the EP is a very solid body of work, something on there for everyone so I hope everyone enjoys it.

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