Online Dating Myths Debunked

Online dating; the topic once seen as taboo seems now to be a normal part of life. We live in a tech world where we do everything on our phones including meeting our soulmates. Yet, whilst we put our trust in food apps, clothing apps, even contraceptive apps to deliver, there are still some people out there who aren’t convinced that online dating is the way to go. So, we signed up to the world’s biggest dating app, Badoo, to see test the waters and debunk some of your concerns.

How am I going to meet someone who looks like my celebrity crush online?

Girls, it’s time to finally face the cold hard truth; Prince Harry is off the market. But, you need not despair. Badoo’s clever lookalikes feature lets you upload pics of your crush, and uses face recognition to find any doppelgangers that are on the app. So, you can have your very own Prince Harry… now just the palace and the crown to find.

I’m very picky

They say there is someone out there for everyone. With 366 million people on Badoo to choose from, there’s bound to be someone for even the pickiest of girls. Swiping or using the ‘People Nearby’ feature means you can be really specific on who you speak to. Plus Badoo allows you to video call a guy you are in convo with, so you can see whether your potential partner just has good angles, or they are the hot spice their profile picture says they are.

How do I say no politely?

What girl hasn’t experienced a clinger? One of those guys who follows you and your girls around a club, despite being given clear ‘thanks but no thanks’ signals. And you are just too polite to tell him to get lost directly. That’s the beauty of Badoo– if someone messages you more than twice and you don’t respond, they lose the privilege of messaging you again.

I want someone close by or an adventure

Whether you have been around the block already or whether you just want to experience something new, Badoo lets you choose from 366 million people scattered across 190 countries, who speak 47 languages. You see your high school French teacher was right when she said learning another language would come in handy.

I don’t trust people online

As much as I love the show Catfish, I certainly don’t want to be on it. So whilst checking out Badoo, we found they have several verification steps you have to follow to be able to message people. One of them asks you to take a picture copying the gesture displayed on your screen and the clever people at Badoo HQ check out. So, you won’t really get any Katy Perry impersonators.

Whether you meet your Prince Harry, just a regular Harry, or just a friend, Badoo, and online dating, in general, allows introverts and extroverts alike to find their partner with ease and safety. But in truth, you won’t really know until you try it yourself.

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