Photography Through The Lenses of Nuvany David

Instagram is certainly flooded with images that’s for sure but I’m sure we can all agree there are some standout images that capture your attention and instantly stand out from the saturated space. A picture certainly says a thousand words but it all starts with the person behind the camera, the person who came up with the concept for the image that we so adore. We don’t pay enough homage to the photographers behind the various images we are constantly in awe of. 17-year-old film photographer Nuvany David shares with us some of her tips for capturing the perfect image and bursts some myths about photography which we could have sworn were true.

How would you describe your style of photography?

I would describe my personal style of photography as vibrant and nostalgic. I love to incorporate my love for colours into my work as well as capture the true essence of whoever I’m shooting. My style of photography captures the youth. My friends and I share such a deep connection with each other that I try to show in my work.



What are some of the myths about photography that you have found to be untrue since starting out?

When I was first starting out in photography, I was convinced that in order to better my skills I needed to constantly be shooting someone new, which I’ve learned isn’t necessarily true. Shooting different people is great practice but finding new subjects can take time. I’ve learned that photography is more than a beautiful image but also the connection that’s created between you and the person you’re photographing. When you photograph someone more than once you develop a level of trusts that you cannot achieve with a stranger. It’s a great way to spot growth in yourself while simultaneously finding ways to improve your work.

What is the one picture out of the ones you have taken are you most proud of? Why and how did the image come about

My favourite picture is one I took of my two best friends Maya and Lola towards the end of summer 2018. I remember this day being the last sunset we saw before the summer ended, a great last day of freedom and quality time with friends. I had gone an entire month without seeing Lola until this day, we reunited at Maya’s house. Maya began to cry over something small that happened just seconds before I captured this, and Lola rushed behind her and sarcastically threw on a big smile. We all began to laugh after. I love the irony of this shot and how unplanned it all was, super raw and genuine.

What is the one piece of equipment or software that you cannot do without?

I don’t use equipment often. Normally when I go out to shoot I bring my point and shoot camera- Olympus Stylus Zoom and Yashica T4 as well as my analog camera- Nikon FG depending on what texture I want an image to have. I can go through one roll of film really fast, so I normally bring two extra rolls with me. My go to film is between FujiFilm Superia 400 when shooting outdoors on sunnier days and Portra 800 on cloudier days when there’s low light or when I shoot indoors. I absolutely love shooting with a Polaroid because its old school, the images always come out super raw even if they’re out of focus.  I don’t shoot with a digital camera as much as I used to but when I did, I really enjoyed using Lightroom and Photoshop.

When it’s all said and done, how would you like to be remembered through your work?

I want to be remembered as a storyteller and an inspiration to young artist especially young black women. My photography is a reflection of who I am as a human being and I want to exhibit that to the world in a positive way. When I take someone’s pictures, I want them to leave with a more positive outlook on life and feel more in touch with themselves. I just want to connect with people in a way that they’ll never forget and capture that connection with my camera.

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