Polina talks to Demur about her modelling gig and musical influences

Having worked with the likes of Eminem, Tiesto, Steve Aoki and dominating the electronic music scene with, with her deep raspy vocals, Polina is ready to make 2017 her year. Polina’s singe “Little Babylon”, shows just what this classically trained singer/songwriter has to offer us. We were curious to know why her name is on the tip of every electronic artists’ tongue. So, we caught up with Polina to talk musical influences and of course fashion.

Coming from a musical background, was there ever any pressure to follow in your mother’s footsteps?

It’s true I grew up in a very artistic family, my father is a visual artist and my mother a pop star, music was a very natural choice for me. I got my start in classical piano when I was six and by 14, I was singing, writing and producing my own songs. There was never any pressure I was always encouraged to make my own choices, but without a doubt being exposed to my mom’s artistic life from an early age had something to do with me leaving the classical music world and heading into the direction of being a singer/songwriter.

As you were writing songs for other artists, when did you realise you wanted to be a solo artist?  

As soon as I started writing songs I knew that’s I wanted to be. It’s so happened that the success of some of my songs written for other artists like Eminem and Sean Kingston or collaborations with Felix Jaehn, Steve Aoki, Tiesto, Kaskade and others preceded my own solo work. But in a way that gave me a chance to experiment with my sound and find my true voice. The songs I write for myself are very different from the ones I write for others and now that distinction is very clear to me when I’m in the studio.

How difficult is the transition for you, from songwriter, to being your own artist, putting out your own stuff and performing in front of thousands of people?

After working in collaboration with other artists I’m having so much fun being at the steering wheel and having full control over the vision – from the way the record sounds, to the styling and treatment of the video. I’m very visual and often imagine the whole video as I’m writing a song. As was the case with the video for Little Babylon directed by a UK director Rory McKellar. Rory really took the story and captured it in such a beautiful and cinematic way. With performing – there’s no better way to connect with my fans and see the scope of the reach of the songs I write than touring, so that’s been very enjoyable for me.

You seem like a fashionable lass, how would you describe your fashion style? 

 I love fashion and often collaborate with fashion designers. Whenever I can I attend, London, NY, Paris, Moscow Fashion Week. This last fall I even walked the runway in a few shows in pieces that were created specifically for me as part of a collection. It’s quite fun to walk the runway to your own song! I wanted to be a model when I was very young so I feel like I got to do it on my own terms now. I’m drawn to slightly masculine styles but with very feminine shapes, no one does that better the Yves Saint Laurent. I’ve got a few of his vintage pieces in my closet.

2016 has been a good year for you, what have you got up your sleeve for 2017? 

I have a new indie project called Contessa that shows a different side of me musically, artistically, visually and conceptually. Contessa debut single and video “Running” is out now and I’m releasing CHAPTER I (EP) in early 2017 to be followed by CHAPTER II and III. There are also a few interesting collabs in the works in the electronic dance arena. So I am very excited for the year ahead!

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