PRISMOJI is the new emoticon wave

With the world going Emoji crazy, PRISM are the latest fashion brand to make use of emoticons to promote their brand. With the launch of their pre-autumn/winter 2016 collection, PRISM have also launched an app to go with it, called the PRISMoji. The collection which consists of sunglasses, swimwear, sandals and various accessories, has been turned into emojis which are available from the PRISMoji app.

However this is no ordinary app. The PRISMoji app has guest appearances from Rihanna, Beyonce and Kate Moss who appear on the app sharing some of their beloved PRISM pieces.

“I chose emojis as we all kind of speak in this language now and use emoji’s so much in daily chat online.  I thought PRISMoji was a cute way to get people involved in the world of PRISM. It’s also a fun way to shop the collection and see it in action, engaging the consumer in another light”, said Anna Laub.

You can get involved with the PRISMoji movement by downloading it from the Apple Store.