Rankin Joins Forces with Pavan Amara To Help Rape Victims

Rape survivor Pavan Amara has been through a lot and has bounced back from it. Due to her resilience, she is helping other women do the same. Just last year, Pavan helped set up a clinic that provides contraception, STI testing and health advice to women who have been victims of sexual assault. This clinic being the first of its kind in the world, has helped so many women, who would usually have to go through the aftermath of such an ordeal, by themselves.

Pavan is not stopping there, for her latest campaign “The My Body Back Project”, Pavan has teamed up with world renowned photographer, Rankin. For the campaign, Rankin photographed the bodies of some of the women who had been victims of rape.  The women wore temporary tattoos each one carrying a message reclaiming their bodies

Rankin commented: “I was truly moved by this project and humbled to be involved. The sheer strength of these women, after what they have been through, left me speechless. The importance of the work My Body Back do can’t really be expressed in words. They are brave in the extreme. It was an honour to welcome you all into my studio; our door is always open. I speak on behalf of my entire team when I say you are an inspiration.’

You can support the work of “The My Body Back Project” by clicking here.