Rebecca Mason as Rococo Wonderland

Rebecca’s art makes light of the current dark, unhinged times we are going through, providing much needed humour and comfort. Rebecca manages and curates her own gallery, Sentient whilst still creating her own art. This makes a difference from Rebecca’s previous life where she spent over ten years working in regulatory roles in large City institutions in London, Paris and New York. Rebecca took the time to talk us through her work and how her previous role has influenced her creativity.

We read online that your work is influenced by life, feelings and hangovers. Is this true and what are your tips for dealing with a hangover?

Haha! I do tend to find that when I am hungover I spend a lot more time thinking and analysing my behaviour and the world, so it can be quite productive in that sense… The “Send Help” neon I am currently finishing is in part about being hungover but also takes a more macro approach to current affairs. I have no tips though – if anything mine are getting worse as I get older.

Some of your work is credited under the pseudonym “Rococo Wonderland”, is this like an alter ego and what is the meaning behind the name?

When I first started producing the artwork and doing shows in 2013, I wanted a more memorable name than my real one. I had been using the name “Rococo Wonderland” on other platforms – I went to a lot of costume parties and felt using my real name would give colleagues too great a chance to find me dressed in crazy outfits, which I didn’t feel would be very appropriate – so I ended up just using that. I transitioned back to Rebecca Mason when my art was really taking off because nicknames tend to be utilised and accepted for street artists but less so in the arena I was working in – people confused me for a collective. My work was all about me and being authentic, so I thought why still hide behind a name?

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