Reverbnation Presents: Luca, Nuala & Coffeepot Drive

In the middle of this lovely snowstorm we are currently having, a gig was the perfect pick-me-up. Getting to Camden Assembly in the snow wasn’t too much fun but being greeted with a pint and the promise of brilliant music made it so worth it.

First up was Luca who set the standards for the night ridiculously high. Playing with an incredibly talented band behind him, Luca’s vocals were hauntingly beautiful. He reminded me of a more grown up, acoustic version of Alt-J with that angelic yet almost ghostly tone and harmonies that were so silky they wove between Lucas voice seamlessly. Not only did his voice give me goosebumps, but he also gave me insane hair envy with his messy bun that every girl tries to pull off.

Second was Nuala. Nuala is a solo, acoustic artist with a set of lungs that would make you think there are two or three people on stage. Her set became a genius mix of music and ad-lib stand-up as nerves tripped her and she forgot the lyrics, but ‘fuck it’. As she began to sing ‘love and deceit’, she explained that although it sounds like a breakup song, it’s actually about a murder programme she watched. These kind of comical anecdotes: “this one is about those boys in the club that just won’t leave you alone” made me want to stay and listen to her for hours; a brilliant musician and an unintentional comedian all in one.

Finally, it was Coffeepot Drive. It is safe to say they were not what I was expecting, they were so, so much better. The group were comprised of a lead female vocalist, two backup singers and a brilliant band with enthusiasm and energy that was enough for everyone. Their music is a cross between Motown, Blues and Funk – essentially it was a bit like having an upbeat version of Dream Girls, and with a venue as intimate as Camden Assembly it was brilliant.

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