Symon music for our generation

Symon is the hot rebellious pop act hailing from Los Angeles. Symon is fresh, raw and expressive with her music, giving young women a strong voice. In addition to working on her debut album out later this year, Symon is the co-host of SiriusXM’s “Hits 1 in Hollywood” with Michael Yo (“The Insider”), who’s A-list guests have included Steve Aoki, Louis Tomlinson and LittleMix, just to name a few.

We caught up with Symon to talk about using her music to represent her generation and learning from other artists.

You are a co-host of SirusXM’s Hits 1 in Hollywood, how do you manage your responsibilities of recording your own music and doing the show? Do you feel the show has helped you learn from other artists? 
Being a co-host on Hits 1 in Hollywood has been absolutely incredible. The people I have met and respect truly blows me away every day. It’s very interesting to be a recording artist myself and get to be the one interviewing these people on the other side. Balancing the two is not too difficult for me usually, but some days it can be. While finalising the EP it was hard to schedule studio time around the show, but when you love what you do you make it all work. If anything, it has been a huge blessing in my life.

You have been singing, writing, and performing since your teenage years, how has your sound evolved over the years?
I always knew what I wanted to do and I feel grateful of that. It’s amazing to look back at elementary school theatre performances, to middle school pop talent shows, to creating my band in my teenage years, to now being a solo artist. The journey is remarkable and sometimes when you’re in it, you don’t realise the growth and the metamorphosis that occurs. My heart has room for all genres of music because I just love music. When I wrote my first single “Say” I was going for a more tropical house element and I didn’t know how much things would turn once I got into the studio to create my EP. I’m looking forward to everyone hearing all of the growth since then. I feel like this body of work truly connects with me as an artist and will hopefully connect with you too.

You say your debut album due out later this year will represent your generation, what is it that your generation has to say?
I feel like my generation is beautiful, strong, and fearless because we have no choice we have to be! Unfortunately, our world is in a very scary place right now and this generation more than ever needs to speak out. I was raised to speak my mind and I, of course, do that in my work. If I’m going to have a platform to reach people I better be conveying something with a strong message.

Your last two singles were well received and everyone loves you on Hits 1, what would seal this year off perfectly for you? 
Thank you very much! I am so ready to go to radio with my next single “I Never Do.” It’s very special to me. I’m ready for the world to have some SYMON music out there! Ready to have a body of work that I’m proud of. This year is already special because I’m releasing music. Many years went by where I didn’t have that opportunity on the level I have now. I am very grateful.

Where can we keep up to date with your music?

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Images by Bonnie Nichoalds