The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Is Now Online

Prince was an artist who was passionate about his art and he did all he could to make sure he protected his work, as every artist should. For a very long time whilst Prince was alive and even after his passing a large catalogue of his music was not widely available. Now Prince’s fans can now rejoice as his estate has agreed to release an entire 23 album catalogue onto the major streaming sites.

Albums released through Sony Music Entertainment include The Gold Experience (1995), Emancipation (1996), Crystal Ball (1998), The Rainbow Children (2001), 3121 (2006), Musicology (2004), Planet Earth (2007) and more.

Prince won a Webby Lifetime Achievement Award when he became the first major artist to release an entire album ‘Crystal Ball’ exclusively online. In 2015 Prince removed all his music from Spotify and Apple Music and made it only available on TIDAL.

Among the albums released is ‘The Anthology’ containing 37 songs from Prince’s most revered songs.