The High Divers Have Gone And Made The Perfect Classic Rock Album

This 4 piece all moved to Charleston on the same day with one intention: Create a rock band.

Following the release of their latest single “Let Your Love Be Known”, we were keen to hear what else Chicora had under their belt and lucky for us they have a brand-new album out today. ‘Chicora’, named after a native American kingdom comprises of 11 brilliant and bold tracks that hold all of the major signifiers for a classic rock album that will no doubt see their fan base skyrocket.

‘Chicora’ is full of brilliant melodies and harmonies that float over the typical American rock body that is core to the structure and identity that both the album and band hold. The album features vocals that alternate between stretched and almost raspy with classic American signifiers in their tone to a softer, summery sound. Accompanying these vocals is a continuous stream of soft rock guitar that is equally charming and powerful. This combination makes the album incredibly easy to listen to as it all fits together perfectly, each individual track complimenting the next like pearls on a necklace. Not only does this album encompass everything a classic rock album should have, but it also brings in subtle yet instrumental drums that set the tone and pace of each track perfectly while giving your foot something to tap along to.

This album proves that The High Divers are not new to this game as they have managed to produce an album comprised of pure brilliance and musical joy.

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By Mia Seabrook