The Instagram Art World

Gone are the days when you had to go down to your local gallery to discover new art and the artist remained an enigma to you. Now, with Instagram, you can get the art directly from the artists and interact with them more on the social media platform, giving you a much more personable experience. Instagram is your new gallery where you can discover new art and become an art aficionado yourself. These are some of the artists we feel are worth a follow.

Sara Pope @sarapopeartist

Serving us with lippy inspiration, Sara is actually a shoe designer who has designed for the likes of Paul Smith. Sara’s art features a variation of lips which come as high quality limited edition prints, screen prints, hand finished prints and Giclee prints. Sara also has a portrait of Pope Francis hanging up in the Vatican, talk about life goals.

Jordan Nickel @tenderj

Back when graffiti was frowned upon, no one could have imagined that people would be writing huge cheques to have graffiti art hanging up in their homes. Jordan Nickel is now profiting off of that and his work of pop art.  Jordan, known in the streets as POSE is a member of The Seventh Letter, a West Coast Chicago artist collective and Mad Society Kings (MSK), a world-renowned graffiti crew.

VIZIE @eiziv

VIZIE creates illustrations, murals, photography and sometimes hand paintings on clothing. VIZIE together with his brother NEKST helped build up the Houston graffiti community bringing it to prominence in the early 2000’s. VIZIE who is now based in New York has been in the art game for some time and he has now made a transition from street underground art to digital art which he considers unfinished work until the art pieces are printed.

 Tom Bob @tombobnyc

 Tom dominates the streets of New York City by bringing objects such as manhole covers, gas meters and water pipes to life with art. You can’t help but stop by and admire Tom’s work no matter how much of a rush you are in, in one of the busiest cities in the world. Tom has been known to turn manhole covers into frying pans, Oreo cookies and escape routes for crocodiles. Check out more of his whimsical pieces on Instagram.

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