The Plateu – The Platform Euphoria

Out and about on our adventures, we were introduced to this brand, The Plateu and what immediately caught our attention was the ethos of the brand. This is not just a brand that is just looking to sell their products to the masses but rather a brand that has a purpose to influence culture and change the world for the better, as cliché as that may sound; we are all up for it. We caught with the man behind the brand who identifies himself as Abdullah.

The Plateu actually a short term for The Platform Euphoria. The Platform
Euphoria is a state of higher consciousness. With this platform I’m
continuously seeking a greater depth for the whole collective of ideas I
have.  All garments and ideas ultimately come from our mind and if these things are able to be conceived from a state of higher consciousness would that not make better garments and ideas?

 We were intrigued about your brands philanthropic work; talk us
through the various projects you are working on?

These philanthropic projects help the brand exist in a better state. I
look at The Plateu and think if this was a living breathing person what
kind of person would that be? I felt it was important to do as many
projects as I possibly could to create the best culture I could. Currently
I’m developing one project called Eat Good, which is aimed to provide
homeless people with a full meal with every garment sold for the Flint Community

These projects were created to highlight the importance of clean water around the world. I’m also working on another project in support of the charity CALM, to help bring some understanding towards mental health and cultivate some sort of conversation for the cause.

How much effect do you think the work you are doing will have on the
issues you are trying to tackle?

I honestly don’t know, but even the smallest impact is better than none.

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