The Starbucks Dress Code

We all love a good Starbucks beverage and we can bet the staff at Starbucks have a great ball at work. In a new handbook issued to employees, Starbucks staff members were recently told to “open their closets and have fun”, but not too much fun. The company insisted staff stick to green, grey and blue colours with their work attire. You can go as crazy as you want with your hair as long as it’s kept neat. You can show off as many tattoos as you want, you can wear beanies, colourful socks, ties and piercings as long as it doesn’t cause offence.

Starbucks said “For us, in the feedback, understanding this was something they really wanted was the impetus to make that change and provide an opportunity to bring a bit more of themselves to work and the green apron.”

Starbucks certainly know how to make life much more bearable for us and not with just their coffee.