The Weird and Wonderful World of Matty Carter + Ariel

With a huge fanbase in the US already Matty Carter + Ariel have recently started to make noise in the UK with their recent single ‘Voices’. With little to no information about them circling around the net, we decided to have a little chat with them instead to find what they are all about.

‘Voices’ is a song for anyone who dares to be weird or different. What are some of your weird habits?
Most of my habits are weird but when I walk into a room full of people, like at a restaurant or a party, I can’t fully feel comfortable or relaxed until I’ve heard a little bit of everyone’s conversation around me.  You could be talking to me and I would just be listening to what everyone else is talking about instead.  Ariel sits on the bus completely naked before a show while she does her snare drum warm-ups.
What was the idea behind the sunglasses for Matty and the mask for Ariel?
It’s just who we are. It’s how we feel comfortable.

Do you think the anonymity behind your act (the sunglasses and mask) distracts people from your music or makes you more marketable?
How we look is just a part of our music. The only thing we care about is making music and visuals that we think are cool as fuck.  We do plenty of other things to distract people from our music.
So, for the reader who has fallen in love with your latest track ‘Voices’, what else are you guys currently working on?
We have just finished a few new songs that we all love.  We have a new single called ‘Bad’, that will be released in October, and we are currently in pre-production, working on a video for our single, ‘Ready To Die’ with one of the greatest directors of all time. That’s all I can tell you about that project right now, but be ready.  We’re also working on a tour for next year… The UK and South America have shown us so much love recently we want to make sure we get out and return the favour.
As we are a fashion magazine if you could choose one clothing item to describe you, what item would you pick and why?
For me, it’s the wide brim fedora.  It’s strong, timeless, badass, and can handle all types of weather. I like to think I’m those things as well.  For Ariel, it’s high-heeled leather boots… classy, durable, and will mess you up in a fight.
 Where can we keep up with your work?
We’re everywhere. YouTube, Vevo, Spotify, MattyCarterAndAriel.Com, Instagram, Twitter… shit we’re on platforms that haven’t even been invented yet.
Much love.