The Year For Gym junkies- Vlique Coin Giving You Rewards For Your Gym Time

Fancy getting rewards for actually going to the gym? What about an exotic break in Bali? Well if this sounds like you, then listen up. Do you always skip out on gym day? Always have an excuse for not swapping those carbs for veg? Then this is the new app for you.

Vlique are a personal training service app launching their own cryptocurrency (remember bitcoin, similar to that). The Vlique Coin (VC$) rewards its users for sweating out at the gym, whether in a class, with a personal trainer or on your own. These Vlique coins are rewarded depending on your frequency of gym visits, these can then be spent on related rewards, like designer activewear, healthy brunches or weekend getaways.

The idea was created to help millennials budget their fitness and avocado on toast obsessions (that does sound like us.) Are you feeling the pressure of social media, always having to look your best? Millenials are feeling the pressure more than ever and have been rated the most health-conscious generation yet, but don’t take it negatively. This app aims to help us budget, so we can earn that avocado on toast rather than splashing out on expensive brunches when we should be saving up for a house.

The app is already in the Apple app store so go check it out, it’s free! On Android? Don’t worry they are coming to you soon.
It has benefits for everyone, including if you’re a personal trainer or own a gym, you too will be rewarded with Vlique Coin for receiving good customer reviews on the app. Even Love Island star Gabby Allen has joined the app and is loving the benefits. Find out more about Vlique.

So the next time you feel like skipping gym class, remember you’re only a few sweat sessions away from jetting off on an exotic adventure.

Words by Emily Bone