These are a few of Delaire’s favourite things

With her recent release ‘Take It Slow’ doing the numbers on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms and receiving support from MistaJam and DJ Target, Delaire is unstoppable. Delaire brings an R ‘n’ B flare to her latest track showing that Delaire is an artist that chooses not to bind to conformities and in her sound and style she projects this. As Delaire is one of our current favourites, we had to find out some of Delaire’s favourite things.  

Favourite hangout spot in London

I love an old mans pub! Stoke Newington has some great ones. But I guess it totally depends on my mood, I’m also a fan of a coffee shop on a cold morning on the canal to Victoria Park!

You want to be a voice of encouragement for young women, who is your favourite woman?

Pretty damn cliche but without a doubt my Mum, she takes ‘female boss’ to a new level. She’s incredibly gentle and maternal yet also a powerful woman with no fear of taking risks. I owe so much of who I have become to her.

Your music has really blown up this year, what is your favourite song from this year?

I think my latest single ‘Take It Slow’ is my favourite one, we went back and forth on it a lot in order to get it right, but the hard work paid off in the end. Every now and again I’ll have a self-indulgent morning and listen to it whilst I’m getting ready!

Your music is influenced by past experiences, what’s your favourite memory from the 27 years you have been alive?

That’s a hard question! I don’t think I can choose a favourite memory across 27 years! I’ve enjoyed all the different stages of my life for different reasons, but recently I have been enjoying just being really sure of who I am and caring much less what other people think. I spent a lot of my earlier years so worried about being cool and worrying about people’s opinions. Whereas now that stuff just doesn’t matter so much, the one thing I have come to accept and I’m content with is the fact that you are only in control of two things in life: your own thoughts and your own actions.

Favourite gig you have ever played at

I have spent the past year really focusing on writing, so I haven’t been able to gig as much as I would have liked to this year, however, I will be announcing a headline show very soon so keep an eye out on my socials! I played at St Pancras Old Church a couple of years back and that was a really cool one, the venue was so amazing.

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