These Four Friends Are Daze

Meet DAZE, the twenty somethings who are on our radar as the ones to watch next year. With the release of their debut single ‘Friends’ this summer, these boys have certainly proved they’re worth a listen. Having played around with their sound they’ve settled on a dark melodic sound with ‘lyrics that highlight the day to day struggles of modern youth, but in dad swag’ so they say. ‘Friends’ is written from the perspective of a father speaking to his child, giving them advice about growing up not knowing who to trust in life, and how family will always be there no matter what.

Since the boys were kind enough to share all this wisdom on their single ‘Friends’, we thought we’d get to know about their friendship a little better.

I sat down with them and asked how they all got to know each other, and it’s a story spanning over a decade. Sam (Vocals) and Luke (Lead Guitar) have known each other since they were nine having met at North London’s Finsbury skate-park. The boys told me stories of what can only be described as cheeky teenage antics; sneaking out of the house to meet up late at night and going skating through central London then getting ‘bollocked’ the next day and hiding from Sam’s dad as he came home from work past the skate-park – ‘but that is what really built our friendship’, the boys say.

By Mia Seabrook

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