These Podcasts Are So Demur – Our list of some of the best podcasts going.

No doubt podcasts are the hottest thing right now, albeit they have been around for more than a decade. Podcasts are educational, motivational, inspiring, entertaining and make a change from the same old daily music playlist you currently have on repeat. We have compiled a list of some of the podcasts we are currently following and listening to in the hope that you will pick one to test out.

The Sounds in My Head

If you still find it hard to just listen to people talking in your ear for more than a few minutes then, ‘The Sounds in My Head’ is the podcast for you. This podcast series is presented by a Brooklyn New Yorker, Daniel whose day job is a UX Designer. This podcast is very much a hobby for Daniel. ‘The Sounds in My Head’ podcasts features new music from artists that you may have missed. The podcast is not for profit and Daniel buys all the music he plays on his show and does not accept submissions. This podcast is very much music focused with no adverts played during any part of the show. Listeners are encouraged to purchase the music played and support the artists highlighted. ‘The Sounds in My Head’ is published at least twice a month on iTunes.

Drink Champs

‘Drink Champs’ is a show by rapper Noreaga and Miami DJ EFN. The show came about allegedly after a diss to Noreaga from basketball legend Michael Jordan. Noreaga is known to give insightful interviews and after addressing the Michael Jordan diss and a call from Jay Z, ‘Drink Champs’ was born. In fact, Noreaga says fellow New York rapper Nas, once told him that one-day people would pay to hear their stories.  ‘Drink Champs’ features interviews with artists in the music industry and various guests from pop culture as they share their stories and wisdom over some drinks with their hosts. ‘Drink Champs’ is a weekly podcast and the video version of the podcast is broadcasted on Revolt TV, another one of Diddy’s ventures. The ‘Drink Champs’ podcasts now has over five million listens per month. ‘Drink Champs’ is also available on iTunes.

My Dad Wrote A Porno

This is bit a cringe but it’s good laugh. Poor guy Jamie Morton reads out chapters from the erotic books his 60 year-old dad has written. He has his friends James Cooper and Alice Levine joining him and providing a running commentary as Jamie reads each chapter. As it goes Belinda Blinked the book written by Jamie’s dad, is actually available to purchase and the book is part of a six part series. As you can imagine the guys first had some trouble trying to list their podcast with iTunes due to the name of the show, but after getting through that hurdle, ‘My Dad Wrote A Porno’ has had over 90 million downloads. ‘My Dad Wrote a Porno’ is available on iTunes.

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