Tom Walker talks to Demur about the one thing he is very good at

During one of our regular streaming sessions, we came across Tom Walker, a young musician from Manchester. At Demur there is nothing we adore more than home grown talent. As we listened to Tom’s “Play Dead” track, we were drawn to him by the passion in his vocals. We had to hunt him down and find him! Tom has been a bedroom musician since he was 12. Equipped with his father’s record collection and living with 12 other musicians, Tom has been creating some magical music. Tom says he’s not good at anything else besides music and it’s quite evidential this music thing is working out for him.

Your recent headline show at the Waiting Room was sold out. How do you feel when you know you have a venue packed with fans waiting for you to deliver?

It was such a weird feeling! We found out on the night we had sold out and as I walked through the crowd to get to the stage, I was nervous but as soon I got on the stage the crowd were vibing with me and everyone was singing along which was quite nice. I told my mates to get tickets in advance and they just played it off. None of us were expecting the gig to be sold out. So on the day I had my same mates asking me for tickets.

You performed 21 gigs over 11 days during your Coffee House Sessions Tour. That seems a bit hectic. What do you to keep yourself energised and make sure you bring fresh energy to every gig.

That tour was absolutely mental. It was also such a great experience. I went to uni in London (University of Contemporary Music London), so I had never been to a big uni campus. So I got to see how other people live, so to speak. Leeds University was absolutely amazing! I wish I had gone there for my course.

What do you usually do to prepare for a gig?

I normally just have a beer. I have a vocal training app on my phone. I get some vocal training done in the car on the way to gigs. I often get strange looks because I am belting out music with headphones in.

So when did you wake up and decide “I want to be Tom Walker the Singer/Songwriter…”?

When I was younger I was a terrible singer and even when I went to Uni I was still not a very good singer. I went to uni with the intention of doing a guitar course and unfortunately the course was full. So they encouraged me to do the music writing course instead and it turns out I was good at it. My tutor who had worked with the likes of Leona Lewis and Little Mix pushed me to pursue it further.

What if you wake up one day and you are bored of your current day job. What’s your backup?

I don’t think I will ever be bored of this. It might be that I wake up and no one gives a shit anymore. I worked as a photo booth attendant at corporate events before I got signed. That was good money and it was great because I got to go to all the fancy parties and just babysit all these drunk adults and because it was at night time, I had time in the day to work on my music. I was a chef for a while as well but I wasn’t very good at that. Music really is my thing if it doesn’t work out, I’ll probably just got and be an art teacher or something else that is creative.

If you were a fashion item or accessory, what would you be and why?

I would definitely be a hat. It is the lazy option of looking good. You just get out of bed you don’t have to do anything with your hair, just put on a hat and go.

Where can we keep up to date with your music and work?

Most of my stuff will be on my Facebook @IamTomWalker and Spotify.