Two sides to every story? San Cisco give us their “B-Side” first

After releasing their second album “Gracetown”, Jodi, Scarlett and Nick are back it again in the studio working on their third album to be released early next year. This time San Cisco are joined by longtime friend and collaborator Steve Schram and we have a good feeling about this album as they have been working on it for more than a year now.

Whilst we wait in anticipation for the album, the gang recently posted a B side single to their Facebook page appropriately titled…”B Side”. The visuals to “B-Side” were filmed by Jordi’s younger sister Peppa and her boyfriend Matt during their trip to Japan. “B -Side” will officially be released together with the A-Side title “SloMo” a limited edition 2 track 7 inch vinyl available to order later this year.  “B-Side” is available to download and stream globally and you can watch the video here: