Wankelmut’s Taste In Music

Listening to Wankelmut’s latest single ‘I Keep Calling’, really reminds me of a classic summer anthem, creating imagery of evenings spent at the beach, or with your friends in a pub garden, and also this track would be very fitting with a perfect Ibiza sunset. With that in mind, I wanted to know more about Wankelmut’s taste in music.

What song best represents your most significant summer?

This goes back to my personal “Summer of Love“, 2011. This was all over Berlin and it was the perfect soundtrack to spend my life on the dancefloor.

What is a unique song to you that you usually play during your sets?

A great bootleg which was never officially released. I have used this so many times to create a break during my DJ sets and the reaction from the crowd is always WOW!

What song has influenced your individual sound/?

This song was a major influence when I started working on my own productions. I used to hang out all day at Bar 25 and Berghain and especially this track meant a lot to me.

What song do you wish was yours?

Simply a great song with a great atmosphere.

You have a headline set at Radio 1 in Ibiza, what song do you choose to finish your set?

Throughout 2017 I played this at the end of a lot of my DJ sets. The reaction was always great. Not the kind of music you would expect from Wankelmut but great and special moments were created with that tune on quite a few occasions.

Wankelmut’s latest single ‘I Keep Calling’ is out now.  

My latest single “I Keep Calling“ is like a dream come true because I had the chance to collaborate with one of my personal heroes in Rock & Indie music. Björn Dixgard who is the lead singer of Mando Diao. He did this great song for me and we had a great time doing the production work.

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By Mia Woloszczynska