We Have A 1-Man Army Coming To Our Demur Pop Up Party

Who is 1-Man Army? 
Not just another creative, not even just another left-handed creative, but one that is passionate about real life issues and social causes such as Equality & Diversity, the Youth and the Elderly and contributes to various communities…I can’t help but make these ethics a part of my everyday practice, as it’s a big part of my being. 
What will you have prepared for us at the Pop-Up?
A series of Organic t-shirts with ethical prints with Equality & Diversity messages, plus offering custom vinyl prints on plain garments…new stationery and homemade signage to represent 1 MAN ARMY
Best party you have been to?
That’s a hard one, as I’ve never really been the typical socialite, it would probably be a student union event at Middlesex University, or even a family party occasion like a house party…my joint birthday party with my sister comes to mind; between the 1st Dec was my sister’s 16th birthday and 21st Dec 1999 I was turning 25. I themed it “The Millennium Bug-Out Party“.