We Need More For Our Women In The Creative Arts

Did you know the gender pay gap is wider in the creative arts than any other industry?
Women in the creative arts should be celebrated just as all these men are and acknowledged like in any other industry. The reality is, female writers, artists, musicians, directors and many other creatives are facing a gender pay gap only 1 year after graduating. This is an ongoing concerning issue amongst most industries, where a lack of equality is affecting many women and it is even more prevalent in the creative industry. A survey in 2016 demonstrated a noticeable difference, with white males dominating the creative industry significantly, with women only filling up less than 40% of the jobs available. Even more alarming is the salary discrepancies of up to £55,000 between these female employees and their male counterparts.

Most recently the BBC released an example of this; 170 of the female employees demanded a public apology over the gender pay gap within the company, after discovering their male colleagues were earning a 9.3% higher salary. The BBC women addressed the issue in writing and expressed “for many years women at all levels and in all grades and positions at the BBC both on and off air, staff, and freelance, working in the UK and abroad had suspected they were not being paid equally – even when management expressly assured them they were.” The submission explained testimonies from a number of female BBC employees; one woman explained that her male co-presenter was being paid 50% more than her.

By Emily Bone

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