What is this Maktoop Peggy is looking for?

Peggy Gou will be releasing her new EP “Seek For Maktoop” on 14th October 2016. The EP will consist of  three sweetly-swung, groove-focused productions coaxed from her beloved MPC3000, it’s the perfect summation of Peggy’s unique sonic signature.

“Maktoop is from the Arabic word maktoob meaning ‘written’ or ‘destiny’ so the EP title could be interpreted as ‘looking for destiny’,” explains Peggy. “It’s also a reference to two of my best friends: Sik (or ‘Seek’) and Bada (who taught me this Arabic word). They have always been very supportive of my music and I wanted to acknowledge that somehow.”

Here is “Gou Talk” taken from the upcoming EP

Peggy will be out and about in Europe at the following venues and dates:

Tour Dates:

24 Sep The Book Club, Dundee, Scotland
01 Oct Serendipity, Foligno, Italy
06 Oct Robot Festival, Bologna, Italy
07 Oct Numbers & Jackmaster present Mastermix @ SWG3, Glasgow, UK
16 Oct SFF, Seoul, Korea
21 Oct ENRG 02. Kinetic Energy @ Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool,UK
22 Oct La Java Club, Paris, France
29 Oct Vogel & Frie, Wuppertal, Germany  
02 Nov The Wire, Leeds, UK
11 Nov Oval Space, London, UK
26 Nov Kode1, Bari, Italy
02 Dec Numbers @ CLF Art Cafe (Bussey Building), London, UK

03 Dec Club Bonsoir, Bern, Switzerland 
09 Dec Serum Music, Osnabrueck, Germany
10 Dec The Tube, Brighton, UK
16 Dec Jackmaster presents Mastermix @ District8, Dublin, UK
17 Dec Klub 20/44, Belgrade, Serbia
31 Dec Club Division & Be Uncensored, Thessaloniki, Greece
28 Jan Sub Club, Glasgow, UK