What’s Glassmaps Doing On His Phone?

Glassmaps is the solo project from Joel Stein, lead guitarist in the critically acclaimed, Howling Bells. ‘Strangely Addicted’ Joel’s debut album released earlier this month, was recorded and produced by Joel in Las Vegas, at the home studio of The Killers’ bassist Mark Stoermer, where Joel was staying while recording with Howling Bells. There, he discovered a soundproofed room filled with random instruments: tubular bells, a double bass, a three-stringed banjo, vintage guitars and an old Telefunken microphone, on which he recorded vocals for the entire album. Joel is sharing an autobiographical tale through his music and since he’s in a sharing mood we thought he might as well share with us what he gets up to on his phone.

What is the one song you currently have on repeat?  

It’s a new song I’m working on, called ‘Last Laugh’

What was the last film you watched on your phone? 

Hmmm, maybe The 10 Commandments

What TV show are you currently streaming? 

Sense 8 (but I hear it was discontinued, very upset about that)

What book are you currently reading on your phone?

I can’t do books on phones. I like pages. They’re fun and symbolic. They also smell nice.

The playlist with the weirdest name you have spotted on your music streaming app?

It was a playlist called ‘don’t look at me’, it made me laugh.

The memory on your phone is full and you have to delete all your apps except for one which one are you keeping and why?

Google Maps. I’m geographically challenged.

If you could describe your new album with an app what app would it be and why?

Pushy Pixels. It’s Addictive. It can also take you away with its colours and vibe, this is what I hope my album does to the listener.

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