When in Rome – 10 Things We Can All Learn About The Music Industry From Dan Crossley

The music industry is madness. There, I said it, its out there now. It’s fast, chaotic and completely intoxicating. Whether you’re in deep or just dipping your toe in, it’s hard to get your head around this ever-changing whirlwind of an industry. So, with this in mind, we thought we would ask someone on the inside – enter Dan Crossley. Having released his EP last year alongside two critically-acclaimed single releases ‘Feel’ and ‘Nothing but Love’, it’s safe to say Dan has both the time and experience to let us in on a few trade secrets:

1.Persistence is key. If I gave up on my music every time someone was negative towards it, I would have stopped a long time ago. I do it because I love it.

2. Being yourself is truly where the success lies. If your brand and work isn’t authentic, I feel like people will be able to see right through it. Also if you are yourself completely and love the work you put out, you can’t lose.

3. It’s safe to say the industry has changed a huge amount in the last 10 years. It’s become a lot more difficult for independent artists etc. The way I look at it is, If I continue to grow my fan base and continue to work as hard as I am doing, there’s no reason that I can’t put on a sold-out tour. Whether that’s in a year’s time or 10 years… It will happen.

4.Be willing to collaborate, I truly believe in artists supporting one another instead of competing against each other.

5.Keep your circle close. The team I work with on my projects are really tight-knit. We are like family and with family comes honesty and loyalty which is truly what you need from the people around you.

6.Know your lane and be 100% sure on everything you release. There is always room for growth but make sure whatever you’re putting out is your best work yet.

7.There really is no rush. I hear stories from huge songwriters that took 6 months to perfect a verse. If it clicks that’s great but stop rushing things because you’re scared of being older and therefore supposedly ‘un-signable’ … A good song could make you more than your record label advance put it that way.

8.Spend time perfecting your craft. Really mould your sound and brand.

9. Respect the grind. I’m the type of person that enjoys working hard. And being an independent artist right now has some super low aspects but get on with it and push through. It’s a tough industry so nothing’s going to be handed to you on a plate so work work work. Sleep later.

10. Look after your instrument and never stop learning. We’re all students.

Given all of what Dan has learnt on his journey so far, it only seems fitting that the calibre and quality of music he is putting out at the moment is so high. Want to see it for yourself? Then go give his new release ‘Rome’ some love and watch the spellbindingly brilliant video here –