When Parcels set off to Berlin with a one way ticket

Patrick Hetherington, Louie Swain, Noah Hill, Anatole Serret and Jules Crommelin re the funkadelic lads of Parcels. Although the boys are from Australia they are currently based in Berlin. Coming from different musical backgrounds ranging from metal bands to folk ensembles, the guys started off in their bedroom studios and dimly lit garages recording their first EP. The EP was well received down under and in Europe and it was then Parcels set off to Berlin with a one-way ticket to try out this music thing for a living, which seems to be working out for the boys.

D: You guys are originally from Australia why did you choose to base yourselves in Berlin?

P: Europe baby! And what better place than where the music scene is soaring and the beer prices are cheap.

D: When you left Australia for Berlin you had a one-way ticket. Did you have a plan if what you set out to do had not worked out?

There was no real plan in any sense. We just saw it as a fun thing to do. Thank God it’s been as good as it has.

D: You all have different musical backgrounds ranging from a folk ensemble to a metal band. How did you get together and how were you so sure that you would work well as Parcels?

P: We have all been playing music together for many years in different genres. This direction just happened naturally, and we had a ball with it. So we kept going. 

D: You recently performed here in London. What do you normally do post-gig? Are there any rituals you follow to get yourselves ready for a performance?

P: Post-show activities are different every time. Last time we ended up sitting in the gutter eating pizza. Pre-show psych ups are classified, unless you find yourself in it, then you must participate. 

 D: What have you guys got planned to woo us? An album, upcoming shows to look out for?

 P: Our new EP will be out in the new year! And we’re always writing. Shows are in abundance, we shall be touring non-stop in 2017. Bless!