When Sarah Bird met Icona Pop and Peking Duk. From one artist to another

Ahead of their sweat dripping, fun and peaceful but mayhem-filled recent show at Koko London, singer/songwriter Sarah Bird had a chance to sit down with double duo to talk about the power of the internet, Peter Townshend’s boat, nails and hammers. 

SB: So, you guys have got this killer track together, ‘Let You Down’ which I am very excited to see you perform tonight. Is this your first time performing together.

PD: It’s the second time woo!! The first time was at The Garage in Islington and now we get to do it at a bigger, more iconic venue (Koko, Camden) You’ve got pictures of Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse on the wall, a bit of a British staple I guess.

SD: How did you guys get to meet? Caroline and Aino, you are from Sweden and you guys are from down under?

IP: It’s a bit of a long way but we have a lot of mutual friends who introduced us.

PD: A lot of mutual friends and luck brought us together. We were working at Northbound Studios in Stockholm about a year ago and the girls were recording in the next room. We saw IP and we were like ‘check out our new song we’ve just made with Elliphant’, and Caroline and Aino were like ‘this is dope, maybe you should hit us up with a song one day.’ So, a week later we had a song we came up with whilst in London on the River Thames, on a boat owned by Peter Townshend from The Who.  We knew IP would be the perfect fit for the song. We sent it to them crossed our fingers and toes and they just came and said ‘yea this is sick let’s do it’.

IP: When we heard it we definitely knew this was an IP type of sound and when you hear it you will hear exactly what we mean. We also love these guys, Australians are very cool!

SB: How did the collaboration work? Did you guys ( PD) write the lyrics and music and send it over by email exchange?

PD: We work through the power of the internet. What the girls sent back was so perfect. It was like here’s the nail and the hammer and they hit it right on the head, which is sometimes very rare when collaborating with artists who are not in the same room.

IP: It felt so natural. It was so much fun. As soon as we heard the song we knew we had to do it.

    Images by Ed Whitmarsh

SB: Speaking of the power of the internet, you guys (PD) are from Canberra and you girls (IP) are from Stockholm. How do you view the sense of community in your hometown compared to the power of the internet in spreading your music worldwide? What do you think helps an artist get to where they want to be?

PD: If people fuck with the music then they will support you whether it’s through the internet or word of mouth, it’s all the same really. A lot of the local support is from the people you get to work with and that’s what we noticed when we were in Stockholm. They will post and spread the word about who they are working with and that was epic in Stockholm which is now like our second home.

SB: Caroline and Aino you moved to the US to pursue your music career, why was that necessary?

IP: For us it was like more people abroad were listening to our music long before people back home were. People nowadays have different ways of discovering music. The main thing is to do what you love and just put it out there and keep doing that, the fans will love it. If you can do that it resonates with your music. If you try to please everyone it will not work. Sometimes you spend so much time thinking, what will that radio station thing etc

SB: Is there a chance of you guys (PD) moving from down under?

Perhaps one day. Maybe we will move to Stocktown!

“Let You Down” is the latest release by Australian electronic music duo Peking Duk featuring Swedish duo Icona Pop.

Sarah Bird’s latest release is ‘In My Mind’ with fellow Aussies Secret Spade

Next year is set to be a big year for Sarah Bird. Keep an eye on Sarah and all that she is doing through her: Soundcloud    Facebook   Twitter    Instagram   Youtube