When your ex moves on the very next day – #SwitchYourLove

We have all heard about “sibling rivalry”, but never thought we would here “sibling harmony”. SVFARI has been writing songs since his was ten and it was only last year that he hooked up with his brother to start producing their own tracks right in their own man-made studio in their back garden.

SVFARI added some warm touching vocals to “Switch Your Love”, the second release from his forthcoming debut EP. The track is produced ATLAS and. There might be a reason why SVFARI sounds emotional on this tracks, he says “I wrote Switch Your Love when I found out that someone I was dating had moved on right after our relationship had ended and seemed to be happy. I couldn’t help but feel like if it was so easy to find somebody new so soon, she could probably switch back to me just as easily. I started questioning whether our time together meant anything at all.”

We are excited to hear more from SVFARI as he appears to be one of the ones to watch in 2017. We love the r’n’b, eclectic feel of the track and if this release is anything to go by, we can’t wait for the EP.

SVFARI is also calling for any music producers out there who wish to remix the track to hit him up hello@svfari.com