Whenyoung Show Us How To Bring A Stadium Experience To Electrowerkz

She wears a suit. She plays the bass. She has the most beautiful voice. I like them already; these were my initial thoughts as Whenyoung graced the stage downstairs on a Wednesday night at Electrowerkzz.  Looking around the room, I realised it has been a long time since I had seen this much excitement and fandom for a young band – everyone dressed in merch and desperate to catch a glimpse of them before they had even arrived.

As they begin to play, it becomes apparent just how talented they truly are as the complex yet seemingly breezy guitar riffs rolled and Aoife, lead singer, effortlessly chimes in time with the band. When it comes to three-piece bands, there can be the feeling of a convention being broken, a piece missing perhaps? However, not with these three. They create enough sound and energy to fill a stadium, let alone Electrowerkz. It was quite an experience as the trio began to enjoy themselves more and more on stage, and suddenly the whole room stops and instead the sound of ‘Never Let Go’ seems as if it will be eternal, captured in this new world they are creating.

As live bands go, they are definitely up there on the list of the best we have seen so far this year. If they continue to play sold-out shows such as this one at Electrowerkz, there will never be a disappointed fan in the crowd and they will, without a doubt, continue to be just as fabulous as they were from the first second to the last of their set.

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