Women Taking Pictures With Anna Gourlaouen Ledé

A recent study by the State of News Photography found that female photographers were less likely to be employed by large media companies, compared to men. We are well aware of how women are underrepresented in various industries but French Photographer, Anna Gourlaouen Ledé says ‘this is even more apparent in the area of photography.’ Last year a notable camera company recruited 32 photographers to test out and promote their latest camera and out of the 32 photographers chosen, there wasn’t a single woman included. Is it just men who buy cameras from this company or are there really no female photographers out there?

The excuse some media companies have given is ‘we don’t know where to find these female creatives’. So, is it that women are not doing enough to promote their work? ‘Women are often too modest to champion their own work,’ says Anna. If female photographers want to increase awareness about their plight and works, they have to be their own advocates first. It seems like such a burden to go out of your way to prove your worthiness to people who are ignorant anyway, but that is the way the system is designed.

Sara Krulwich a female photographer, went out looking for a job in the 70’s and was once told by one Editor that hiring a woman was like hiring half a person. The industry has come a long way in terms of inclusion and diversity but there is still room for improvement. So, what does it mean to be a female photographer in this day and age? ‘In my opinion, being a woman photographer is no different from being a male photographer. What matters is the perception of the human being and his or her unique viewpoint’, says Anna.

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