Ivy Layne: Driving in the Fast Lane

Reaching for pop stardom in 2017 is Ivy Layne. Her debut EP “In Time” received a mark of approval from Jay Z’s streaming service a day after its April release, topping Tidal’s Rising Album list.

Across the five original tracks on the EP, Ivy sticks to her pop sensibilities influenced by Gwen Stefani, Michael Jackson and Prince, and also brings in a modern fusion of sounds from the Carribean and Europe.

Born in Ukraine, Ivy grew up in France before making the big leap across the pond to New York to pursue her dream of singing. Now her first release is under her belt, Ivy’s wasting little time and next on her agenda is an album. We caught up with the blonde bombshell before Ivy steps into the next gear.

‘One You Love’, the lead single from In Time has been updated with additions from Popcaan. How did that come about?

I feel very blessed that Popcaan heard the record and decided to do it. He is very busy on tour with Drake, but he still had the time to do this record. He is such a talented artist. I was just with him in Jamaica to shoot the music video, his talent and energy are infectious. I am proud and happy to have a record with him.

What can we expect from the new video with Popcaan?

You can expect a lot of colours, energy and beaches. I think the video captures how beautiful Jamaica is and how beautiful the Jamaican people are. The beaches, the sun, the vegetation. I had such a great time shooting the video, it was sexy, and of course, Popcaan killed it. He is like a Prince over there, you can tell how proud the country is about him.

Your background features living in your birthplace Ukraine, France, and the USA. How have these places influenced you musically?

I am living my dream and I am so excited to be able to do that. Growing up I was always singing at friends and family birthday parties but now I am happy to do that as my career. Living in different countries has helped me to meet so many great people. Meeting people from different backgrounds has shaped my perspective about the world. New York is a melting pot. I go outside my apartment, I get influenced by the sound, fashion and culture. It’s fascinating how I get to capture that in my music.

You say you draw on life experiences for your tracks, what will your upcoming album focus on?

It’s going to be a reflection of my life, a lot of dancing, a lot of fun, a lot of heartache and of course songs that are going to empower women. I am very excited about it. I have been talking to a lot of artists who want to work together. It’s going to be awesome.

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By Emma Gillett